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The ultimate extreme water toy. Take to the sky and Fly like iron man!

Flyboarding is the newest action water sport. A flyboard is a foot mounted board which is connected to a personal watercraft via a 23 hose.

The output which would usually propel the watercraft is redirected to the two jets on the bottom of the flyboard, creating lift.

Our expert flyboard trainer will be controlling the throttle of the watercraft so all you have to do is fly!

Lift watersports offers expert tuition by certified Zapata Instructors. Our expert instructors will guide you through your 1st flight.


For the more experienced, push your limits by achieving new tricks , flips , turns and backflips. We will have you flyboarding in no time.

Flyboarding will certainly get the adrenaline pumping. Are you ready to have the most fun your have on the water?


Want to fly !!!! Get on board.

A full safety and introductory briefing and demonstration. All equipment including a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet are provided.

From teens to adults, the Flyboard equipment is made to be enjoyed by everyone.

The minimum age for this experience is 16 years old.

This activity can be tiring and requires a good level of overall fitness.

You must be able to swim and be confident in the water. This helps to make sure the experience is safe and geared to your comfort level.

You can rest in the water between flights since the board is buoyant and is completely safe to use.


Customers will be required to complete a simple Health Declaration before taking part.

Concern over medical/health issues should be checked prior to purchase.

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